I’ve got some ‘splaining to do…

Hi all. There’s no recipe in this post, but I feel like I owe you guys a quick explanation as to why you haven’t heard from me in a while. The truth is, I haven’t been managing my time very well. I’ve been choosing to take naps with my little one, cause I’m getting old and tired, instead of doing the things on my to do list. Okay, okay, let’s back up a bit cause I feel like y’all gotta hear me out before you start judging.

My little man turned one and we had a huge birthday party for him (picture collage at the end). Family and friends visited from out of town and stayed at my house. I planned, cooked and did everything for the event myself (with the help of my family and friends of course), with the exception of his magnificent cake. So after it was all said and done, I was pooped. I think I am still recovering, actually. Ha.

Did I tell y’all that my little guy is walking? Oh man, more like running and getting into all sorts of trouble. Between swim lessons (yes, y’all we’re training the next Michael Phelps – bows head, with sly smile), park trips, and daily walks I can’t even think about blogging. Not that I haven’t been cooking. I have. And taking pictures and editing. I just can’t seem to sit down to put them together. So today, instead of napping I am here typing up a few posts and hoping to get caught up.

A lot of you have requested recipes here and videos on youtube. As soon as I get back into some sort of schedule, I promise I’ll post a recipe per your request (of course, as long as I can find the ingredients).

I’m also schedule to be on an official family vacation for three weeks mid August, so there will definitely be a break in posts again. I’ll let you know when this happens and apologize in advance.

Finally, thank you all for subscribing to my blog. I feel so happy when I get a new subbie. Those of you on instagram check out my page @metemgeeblog, I post often there and sometimes share what I am making for dinner (things that don’t make it on the blog).

Now for the birthday pic….