Caribbean Whole30 Week Four is here! Can you believe that with all that’s going on in the world we made it to day 22? If this is your first time doing a Whole30 and you stuck with it through this entire crazy pandemic, I applaud and commend you because I know this is not easy. It’s not easy for me and I am a seasoned Whole30’er. I almost gave in a couple of times this week. All the stress has my sugar dragon raging and I wanted something sweet and comforting this week. But I fought it as hard as I could, distracted myself with cooking and fun activities my with family and made it through.

My plan for the final days of My Caribbean Whole30

Many States are issuing Shelter in Place Ordinances, so I am just not trying to go out anymore. I will spend the next week cooking things that I already have in my pantry and freezer. Reinventing dishes with different dried herbs and spices will be key during this time. Ingredient meals (meals using simple ingredients versus putting together entire recipes) will also help to ease some of the burden of cooking.

Here I put together a nutrient packed salad, using bagged lettuce, some tomatoes, chicken breasts leftover from a roasted chicken I made, frozen sweet potatoes I microwaved, boiled eggs and my favorite Tessemae’s Habanero Ranch Dressing. With meals like these it’s easy to swap out ingredients to mix it up. Use different compliant salad dressings for a different taste. Add some compliant everything bagel seasoning for some additional flavor or use avocado instead of eggs. This is a great template for a stress free Whole30 meal.

Want a little bit more? Then check out these recipes I whipped up this week.

Cauliflower Rice and Split Peas

Whole30 Jerk Chicken Wings

Tuna Cakes

Caribbean Fish Stew

Or Try of my other Caribbean Inspired Whole30 Recipes:

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Let’s finish our Whole30 Week Four Strong! And as usually follow me on Instagram for more food inspiration!

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