I’m a Guyanese girl trapped in an American life in the Rockies. I live in Denver, Colorado. Moved here in 2011 from New York and have been trying to recreate all my childhood foods, mostly from memory, but sometimes by referring to my What’s cooking in Guyana (cook book) and whatever online Caribbean recipes I can find. I’m often a lazy cook–which means I want to get in the kitchen and get out as quickly as I can, but on a good day you can catch me cooking up goodies for hours–one dish after another. I know good Guyanese food when I taste it and will sometimes let you know what’s missing from your dish (in a nice way of course). I have great ideas for this blog and hope I can stick with it. This about me is a work-in-progress. It might change or it may very well stay the same. Stay tuned.


Update: 4/7/2013

It just occurred to me, that I should add a little bit about why my blog is called metemgee (met-tem-g).

I was struggling with what to call the blog for some time… Altee’s kitchen, home chefs, home cooks, this Guyanese girl cooks… when a good friend suggested I name it something uniquely Guyanese and even suggested metemgee. At first I was a bit taken back and thought, this person must be joking, I’m not calling my blog that. Then the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. You see metemgee, is a hearty soup, made with root vegetables (ground provision, if you’re Guyanese), corn and duff (a thick dumpling made with yeast, flour, butter and sugar) in a coconut milk broth. This dish is mainly vegetarian but is often served with steamed or fried fish and sometimes boiled eggs. For me this is the definition of comfort food. I don’t know any Guyanese person who has never had metemgee and I don’t know any who doesn’t like it. It’s a mixture of all the things I love about Guyanese cooking – good hearty provisions, and a champion broth that is lick-your-bowl good.

So there, that’s why I went with it. I wanted my blog to be lick-your-bowl good, hearty, satisfying and like a good bowl of comfort food, I wanted it to leave you feeling full!

Why don’t I have a recipe for metemgee on my blog, you ask? Honestly, I haven’t had success with getting my metemgee to taste as good as my dad’s. Until then, I will hold off on the recipe. I know, it’s tough having a blog called metemgee without actually posting a metemgee recipe, but it will come in due time.

That’s all for now.

Happy Cooking and Baking!